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Why the name?

This site was created to put some facts about the ancient Egyptian civilisation into order and correct few fallacies that are circulating. It is not possible to do everything but sure it is a start.

An amazing example of the false facts, was when Mr. Menahim Begin, the late Prime Minister of Israel stated for at least 2 occasions that his ancestors were the pyramid builders and how much hard work went into it. The truth is that pyramids pre-date the birth of the patriarch Abraham by over 1000 years. Yet this piece of false information still circulating over 40 years since it was made.

I have selected Ma’at as the representation of the site for whom she was. Ma’at is pronounced mu?.?at معات, also spelled māat or mayet. She is the goddess of truth, justice, law, morality, balance, equilibrium, and order of the universe. She was the goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities.

She was present at the time of creation and set the order of the universe from chaos, and continued to the end of the civilisation. No pharaoh could have riled without her presence, and he was responsible for implemented her rules without fail.

Ma’at and her justice equality and truth were the reason why the civilisation lasted that long, over 3500 years.

I hope you will enjoy the site.

Dr. Osama M Koriech M.B.,B.Ch. DMRT. FRCR
Retired Clinical Oncologist

Hello world

This site is published by Dr. Osama M Koriech M.B.,B.Ch. DMRT. FRCR. An Egyptians retired Clinical Oncologist.

My main interest for several decades has been history, particularly history of religions and the impact of the Egyptians ancient Egypt religion on other cultures, philosophies and other religions.

Henry Breasted in his outstanding book “The Dawn of Conscience” was quite clear in making the conclusion that it was the Ancient Egyptians civilisation that moved the human race from the life of animals to humans. They created and developed ethics and conscience as we know them today, without which there would have been no civilisation.